Sai Kalinga Tutorials

Daily practice assignment:

After each class, to create a competitive spirit among the students and to test the grasping power of the students, subject teachers gives an assignment based on those chapters taught in the class, which consists of some long questions, short questions and multiple choice questions, which will be solved by the students during their self study hour.

Weekly Test

The teachers of Sai kalinga Tutorials have periodical brain-storming sessions among themselves to plan their teaching method, monitor their own performances, gain Feed back from fellow members of the faculty and constantly think of providing more effective inputs to students to help them perform to their greatest potential

Monthly Test

Success is planned it is said. In addition to result oriented teaching , the classes conduct Test-series in a systematic manner before Board/University exams to equip the students with the right techniques they must follow to ensure an excellent performance in writing their answers at the Board/University exams.

Sai kalinga Tutorials strongly believes that the best is yet to come , and is always ready to reach higher levels of excellence in the years to come.